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Recensione: “Alexander the Great. His Life and His Mysterious Death” di Anthony Everitt

Buongiorno a tutti, grazie di essere su Life is like a wave who rises and falls. Oggi vi parlo di un libro che ho letto nella sua edizione inglese ma che è recentemente stato tradotto anche in italiano. Se guardate le date di inizio e di fine della lettura di questo libro è parecchio tempo, ma quando iniziai a leggerlo lo mollai dopo una trentina di pagine perché non riuscivo a concentrarmi visto quanto stava accadendomi. Poi l’ho ripreso in mano e la lettura è stata molto veloce. Oggi vi parlo di:

Alexander the Great. His Life and His Mysterious Death

di Anthony Everitt

Penguin Random House, 2019

ISBN: 978-0425286524, 496 pag.

An acclaimed biographer reconstructs the life of Alexander the Great in this magisterial revisionist portrait of the stunning rise and mysterious death of the ancient world’s most extraordinary conqueror.
More than two millennia have passed since Alexander the Great built an empire that stretched to every corner of the ancient world, from the backwater kingdom of Macedonia to the Hellenic world, Persia, and ultimately to India—all before his untimely death at age thirty-three. Alexander believed that his empire would stop only when he reached the Pacific Ocean. But stories of both real and legendary events from his life have kept him evergreen in our imaginations with a legacy that has meant something different to every era: in the Middle Ages he became an exemplar of knightly chivalry, he was a star of Renaissance paintings, and by the early twentieth century he’d even come to resemble an English gentleman. But who was he in his own time?
In Alexander the Great, Anthony Everitt judges Alexander’s life against the criteria of his own age and considers all his contradictions. We meet the Macedonian prince who was naturally inquisitive and fascinated by science and exploration, as well as the man who enjoyed the arts and used Homer’s great epic the Iliad as a bible. As his empire grew, Alexander exhibited respect for the traditions of his new subjects and careful judgment in administering rule over his vast territory. But his career also had a dark side. An inveterate conqueror who in his short life built the largest empire up to that point in history, Alexander glorified war and was known to commit acts of remarkable cruelty.
As debate continues about the meaning of his life, Alexander’s death remains a mystery. Did he die of natural causes—felled by a fever—or did his marshals, angered by his tyrannical behavior, kill him? An explanation of his death can lie only in what we know of his life, and Everitt ventures to solve that puzzle, offering an ending to Alexander’s story that has eluded so many for so long.

Anthony Everitt, a former visiting professor in the visual and performing arts at Nottingham Trent University, who has written extensively on European culture, is the author of Cicero, Augustus, Hadrian and the Triumph of Rome, The Rise of Rome, and The Rise of Athens. He has as well served as secretary general of the Arts Council of Great Britain. Everitt lives near Colchester, England’s first recorded town, founded by the Romans.

Classificazione: 4 su 5.

Reading time: dal 3 novembre 2021 al 7 febbraio 2022, ma la lettura efettivamente è durata circa due settimane.

Lettura n° 3 del 2022.


Preface: The King Takes a Holiday ix
Contents: xvii
List of Maps: xix

Chapter 1: Goat Kings 3
Chapter 2: The Apprentice 25
Chapter 3: “The Bull Is Wreathed” 53
Chapter 4: The Lone Wolf 76
Chapter 5: First Blood 99
Chapter 6: Undoing the Knot 121
Chapter 7: The Empire Strikes Back 141
Chapter 8: Immortal Longings 161
Chapter 9: At the House of the Camel 191
Chapter 10: “Passing Brave to Be a King” 214
Chapter 11: Treason! 235
Chapter 12: War Without End 267
Chapter 13: A Passage to India 298
Chapter 14: Show Me the Way to Go Home 328
Chapter 15: Last Things 359
Chapter 16: Funeral Games 381
Glossary: 389
Time Line: 391
Acknowledgents: 397
Background and Sources: 399
Notes: 413
Index: 445

Dopo tutti i libri che ho letto su Alessandro (e che vorrò ancora leggere) mi emoziona sempre leggere della sua morte ma per leggere la recensione completa cliccate

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